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    Day in the Life: Robert Campbell


    It’s been another sleepless night thanks to either me thinking about the business, or the two kids bed hopping or both. Then it’s a 45-minute commute to work, which gives me time to come round and fine tune plans for the day. I also use this time to check and ...

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    Day in the Life: Andrew Owens - the have-a-go entrepreneur


    My home is in the South West of England, but our customers, staff and operations are spread right across the country, so my working day is generally based around travel. I don’t have a typical working routine, and neither do I have a room or a desk in any of ...

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    Day in the Life: A great team spirit at GB Oils drives Ramsay on


    I am not an early morning person but will invariably be up by 6am. I have an arrangement with ’Mrs Mac’ that in return for helping our boys get ready for school, she makes me a hearty bowl of porridge. Yes, I have porridge every morning! I’ll check the ...

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    Day in the Life: Variety means the days fly by for Murco’s Mike


    My day invariably starts off with the Tarzan call of the Chris Evans’ breakfast show at 6.30am (not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but the show gets me off to a good start). The first and possibly most difficult task of the day is getting my teenage son out ...

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    Day in the Life: Raj Krishan


    My alarm goes off on a week day at 4.45am yes am! Then the first job of the day is to motivate myself to get up while wiping the drool from my mouth (joke). Seriously though, my day starts by checking my emails and messages ensuring that I deal with ...

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    Day in the Life: Jason Tamplin


    My alarm goes off at 6.10am but I’m not a great morning person so I will have another sneaky 10 minutes in bed. First job of the day is to take our black Labrador out for a walk. After the walk I am in need of a cup ...

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    Day in the Life: There’s no such thing as a typical day for James


    I’ve always considered myself more of a night owl than an early bird but it’s impossible to ignore the wife’s 6.30am alarm. For her, living in Kent and working in London means an early train commute and for me, it’s a grumpy start and taxi duty to the station before ...

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    Day in the Life: Simon MacKay


    The alarm goes off at 6.30am and Jess my four-year-old Labrador immediately comes bounding up the stairs and leaps on the bed. She knows it’s time for her breakfast and that all-important morning walk across the fields. This is the best time of the day as it gives me time ...

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    Day in the Life: David Chittenden


    My day generally starts around 6am with a stroll with the dog in Warley Woods; or Royal Warley Woods as I like to call it! It is a good way of starting the day, getting your head clear for the challenges ahead. You also meet some interesting characters and it’s ...

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    Day in the Life: Sabrina Cader


    It is fair to say that I am not a morning person. After hitting the alarm’s snooze button several times, it is my husband’s threats that I will be late and left behind that drag me from bed. We aim to get a 7.55am train to London together, but we ...

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    Day in the Life: Looking after the locals is key for Louise Hammond


    My day begins with the earth moving for me. Sadly, as I live near a railway line that just means the 6.40am train is passing by. At least it gets me out of bed in time to pick up my dog, Billy, from where he’ll be sitting by the treat ...

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    A ’power talk’ gets Adrian buzzing about new ideas


    The alarm goes off at 5.30am amazingly most mornings I wake up just before it. Between then and 8am is usually a whirlwind of activity in our house. I usually go for a run over the years my weight increased slowly without me paying too much attention. My son ...

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    Day in the Life: Talking to customers is a key part of Simon’s job


    The alarm goes off at 5.30am to signal the start of another working day. I gulp down a quick orange juice, remember to grab my Kindle so I can read The Times on the commute in, then dash to my local station to get the 6.32am train to Waterloo. ...

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    Science and sailing keep Ed Wheeler on top form


    The past two months have definitely taken their toll on my body! I’ve just about recovered from last month’s Forecourt Trader of the Year Awards, and that was preceded by our inaugural customer week at Cowes Week in the Isle of Wight, followed by Automechanika in Frankfurt. All three events ...

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    Day in the Life: Clive Sheppard


    What a difference a week makes! The Sunday before I wrote this, I was savouring the atmosphere in the Olympic Park after having had the privilege of witnessing Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farrah win three gold medals in the athletics. We were all punch drunk after watching one ...

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    Day in the life: Allen Shepherd


    My morning alarm clock time is dictated purely by the geography of the day ahead. With clients dotted all around England, Scotland and Wales, and over 30 specialist retail colleagues from both the agency and valuation side of our business, located across 14 regional offices, I have a variety of ...

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    Day in the Life: Joe Brough


    The day starts at around 6.30am with either the dog, the children or the alarm waking us up. We all try to eat breakfast together then head off in our separate directions. I get to the office at about 8.30am. It’s the usual rigmarole of emails and dealing ...

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    Day in the life: Robert Botkai


    A day in my life? Well, this should put an end to any misconceptions that a lawyer’s lot is a glamorous one. My day starts with a 15-minute period of peace and quiet contemplation even. Then it’s off to battle with two kids who need to be woken ...