Service stations in Yorkshire and the Midlands are achieving payback periods of four or five years on solar energy systems installed by Huddersfield-based U Energy.

Since late 2012 the company has provided 12 solar energy systems at independent service stations and has another three projects in the pipeline.

The first project was at a BP site at Ackworth near Pontefract, and involved the installation of 727sq m of solar panels, installed across the canopy and store roof at the site, and capable of generating more than 63,000kW hours of electricity a year.

U Energy director Farhan Gohir said the system was producing annual savings for the site of £16,300 and taking into account the savings and the sales of excess energy to the grid it was due to pay for itself within five years.

He added: “The Ackworth BP Station has made a huge, yet wise investment. They have made use of an existing asset - their roof space - to both create green energy and also to make a significant saving on what was previously one of their largest expenses.”

Gohir said that since the first installation word had spread among independent forecourt retailers in the region and they had received a steady stream of enquiries.

He said U Energy could provide a full service starting with an initial survey and specifying and designing the optimum system for an operator’s requirements, through dealing with the planning and electricity companies and onto the installation.

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