Henderson Technology has announced the launch of the EDGEPoS Queue Buster Tablet Till, which is now available to EDGEPoS users across Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The Queue Busting Tablet Till is a multi-function Mobile POS servicing all needs of a busy retail environment and staff management time.

When docked, it can be used as an additional lane to serve customers. At busier times, the smart technology can be used as a queue buster and it comes with a wireless card reader for speedy transactions in-store.

The Tablet Till also comes installed with Multi-user Back Office Retail Management Software, which means management staff can be on the shop floor carrying out their tasks on the back office.

The Tablet Till can also be used as a portal for EDGEPoS Analytics, which provides key information and real time reporting – from any device, anywhere in the world.

The hardware is built for tough retail environments. It is highly resistant to dust and moisture, including spills that sometimes occur in busy retail stores. The tablet is also designed to withstand multiple 3-foot drops to a hard surface ensuring the long life of the device.

Kristine Moore, sales manager at Henderson Technology, said: “Space is a problem for some of our retailers, and also busy periods within the store. We trialled the Queue Buster Tablet Till in our company owned stores in Northern Ireland, and the feedback was fantastic.

“The Tablet Till takes up less space than a standard lane, so can be used as an additional lane in smaller areas, such as a Post Office, Off Licence, Deli, Bakery or Ice Cream area. When it is not required as a till, it can be utilised around the store as a Multi-user Back Office. This means that your management team do not have to leave the shop floor for Back Office tasks.

“Our development team also came up with the innovative idea to install a Queue Buster function on the software. Your cashier can use the Tablet Till around the store for customers to pay for quick transactions such as fuel, small basket quantities and individual items. This has proven to reduce queue lengths significantly at peak periods of business, such as weekends and even holiday periods.”

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