Tokheim has unveiled an integrated solution designed to tackle forecourt drive-offs. The Tokheim Eye Drive-Off Detection system allows operators to detect, manage and deter incidents, and provides an ’end-to-end’ audit trail that will enable police prosecutions and/or civil recovery.

The system makes use of surveillance cameras linked to ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) software and blacklist directories. It also interfaces with other back-office data to provide details such as pump number, staff member on duty, time/date and other relevant information.

Trevor Wallace, managing director of Metro Security, Tokheim’s international partner for the full range of Tokheim Eye systems, says: "Importantly, this cost-effective technology pays for itself, meaning forecourt owners/operators no longer need to put up with the damaging threat that drive-offs pose to their sites. Detection of the perpetrators, allowing prosecutions and recovery of the fuel value stolen, also has a positive knock-on impact in terms of its deterrent effect in the site’s local area."

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