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UK EV charging cable company, which offers cables in a variety of colours and lengths has launched its new British-designed and manufactured connector, the Wottz Type 2 plug.

With eight years experience in the EV market, has developed what it describes as a ’first-of-its-kind’ Type 2 connector that offers ”premium features” and ”class-leading serviceability”, providing ”reliable performance, trusted safety and a robust design that ensures trouble-free charging” throughout the product’s lifetime. 

Plug 2

The Wottz Type 2 plug is described as both wear and heat resistant, ensures a perfect fit into the car and charge point sockets. Its rib-reinforced plastic ABS handle also promotes two distinct benefits - the first, creating a shock-resistant assembly which can withstand crushing force if accidentally run over by a car, and the second, UV stabilisation, which prevents brittleness which can occur to plastics over time when exposed to direct sunlight. The plug uses premium hyperboloid contacts, as used on the NASA Mars Perseverance Rover, that maximise contact area with connector pins, reducing contact resistance which reduces power losses, saving money over its lifetime.

Iain Herd, EV Cables co-founder, said: “Despite operating in a highly competitive market, we remain committed to manufacturing durable, long-lasting and cost-effective parts and accessories so that users won’t have to spend a fortune keeping their vehicles charging efficiently. The eco-conscious design of our products - which are all made in Britain - facilitates easy maintenance while promoting recycling, helping both our business and our customers do their bit for sustainability.”

He said EV Cables and its parent company The Wottz Group, do their best to remain carbon neutral and all materials used to manufacture this plug are recyclable and ROHS compliant. All their plugs are serviceable as they do not use resin, plastic or rubber potting techniques whereby the entire plug cavity is filled creating a solid component which is impossible to take apart for servicing or recycling. To reduce its supply chain carbon footprint, EV Cables uses locally sourced components and all plastics are moulded locally near the company’s assembly facility.

The Wottz Type 2 Plug has been tested to certify compliance to IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2, and has been real-world tested.