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    How to drive your healthy snacking sales

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    In the face of retail challenges, the sports and nutrition category stands resilient. So how can forecourt retailers tap into this opportunity to drive healthy snacking sales and thrive in this dynamic market.

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    Swisse Me introduces a new range of vegan protein treats


    Swisse Me is about to launch a new range of vegan protein-packed treats intended to nourish the mind, body and soul. Swisse Me Protein balls launch on June 15 and are made with nut butter, exotic mushroom maitake and friendly bacteria. They are available in four flavours: Cacao & Hazelnut; ...

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    Lynx Africa celebrates 25 years with special edition packaging


    Lynx Africa by launching a limited-edition range of the fragrance in limited-edition packaging. There will be three products to choose from: Lynx Africa Body Spray, Lynx Africa Body Wash and Lynx Africa Anti-Perspirant. The limited-edition packaging features key events, figures and cultural moments from the year of launch in 1995, ...

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    Premier Protein bars make their debut on UK market


    Premier Protein, which is already available in the US and across Europe, is launching its range of bars in the UK this month, with a targeted plan for distribution in the convenience and forecourt channel. The bars are aimed at those who want protein products as part of their ...

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    Sales not to be sniffed at


    Most people take general painkillers to treat cold and flu symptoms and the majority are happy to consume cheaper own-brand products. So says Mintel in its latest OTC (over the counter) Analgesics and Cough, Cold and Flu Remedies report. That said, there will always be some people who will only ...

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    Sneezy money


    Sore throats, runny noses, earache, colds and flu-like illness produce a range of symptoms that can usually be managed using over-the-counter medicines and don’t need antibiotics. That was the message from Public Health England (PHE) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in the run up to last winter ...

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    Cold comfort


    You might be sweating your ’whatsits’ off as you read this but cast your mind back a few months and you’ll shiver at the thought of March, which was the second coldest month since records began more than 100 years ago. Sneezes, coughs and colds hit higher-than-average levels, sending demand ...

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    Clean living


    When it comes to hair care, consumers really do believe "they’re worth it" and stick to named brands. So says Mintel in its recent Shampoo, Conditioners and Styling Products report. Highlighting this, is the fact that last year own-label products accounted for a measly 4% of haircare value sales. Meanwhile, ...

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    Healthcare: Looking good


    The big news in male grooming so far this year has been the Lynx brand’s move into hair care. Brand owner Unilever says the new range "taps into the strong and sustained growth of the male grooming market". The company’s internal stats show that use of deodorants by men has ...