BP In-truck

A new digital payments solution that allows truck drivers to refuel without leaving their vehicle unattended has been launched by BP in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK.

When they need to refuel their truck, drivers simply confirm the fuelling site through the BP InTruck Connect app, unlock the pump and refuel. They don’t need to leave their vehicle unattended at any point, and the app logs the transaction and pays for the fuel itself.

The app is also designed to help fleet managers. It automatically provides them with information on fuel purchases, mileage and other data, reducing the risk of discrepancies and removing the need for drivers to enter mileage themselves.

It also connects BP fuel cards with truck data, which enhances fuelling security by identifying any fuel volume discrepancies by analysing fuel dispensed via pump versus fuel that went into the truck tank.

BP has worked with manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, to ensure the app is easy to install in trucks’ existing infotainment systems, and does not require any additional, expensive hardware.

Alexandru Eftimiu, VP fleet Europe at BP, commented: “We are providing innovative, digital-first solutions to make our customers’ lives easier. BP InTruck Connect simplifies the refuelling process and makes it efficient and easy for both drivers and managers, saving time and giving them greater clarity over their fuel purchases.”

Mercedes-Benz Trucks sales director Stuart Jeggo added: “The BP InTruck Connect App will make a genuine contribution to reducing time and hassle for busy drivers and fleet managers – but it’s just one of many ways operators can make use of the systems already installed in their Mercedes-Benz trucks, to streamline many of the day-to-day processes involved in keeping their businesses working efficiently.”