jet pole sign

Top 50 Indie JP&S Services is switching more of its sites to Jet. Currently five are supplied by Jet, with six having Texaco fuel and one BP.  The new deal means all 13 sites will offer Jet fuel.

JP&S managing director Visvanathan Yoganathan aka Yogan told Forecourt Trader he would be getting a better deal from Jet as well as a better delivery schedule.

“I am delighted that we are making the switch; it’s a fantastic deal. The new signage will start being installed at the beginning of March and we will have it finished by the end of the month,” says Yogan.

He reports strong volumes across the sites and he expects that to continue thanks to his pricing policy. “I have a very free hand when it comes to fuel pricing and plenty of room for manoeuvre. I keep an eye on the competition and always price below them.”