The Wigan Warriors has huge local support which Park Garage Group is tapping into

Top 50 Indie Park Garage Group says that it plans to sponsor its local Rugby League team, the Wigan Warriors, again next year with its first season of backing the club paying for itself in extra footfall, sales and goodwill from the local community.

The forecourt spent several thousand pounds in return for a billboard advert on the halfway line at the stadium, and it is creating further interest with a forecourt poster offering 20% off Subway and Creams purchases on match days for ticket holders.

Its Scot Lane 24-hour site in Wigan benefits from being a few hundred yards from the stadium and also opposite the away supporters carpark, and midway through the 2024 season has seen sales on the days of games increase as more fans get to know about the offer. Sales on the days of home games increase by around 25% with the peak time being an hour before the start.


The Park Garage Group’s Scot Lane site in Wigan benefits from being a few hundred yards from the local Rugby League stadium

“We get quite a lot of redemptions particularly beforehand,” said Ian Cawley, head of operations at Park Garage Group, which operates 77 forecourts from Cornwall to Scotland, and with a heartland around the M25. “The team has strong regional support and because of where we are geographically, a lot of the Wigan players come into the site, so it is a good way for us to get support from the locals,” he added. “Our food to go manager, Chloe, is a big Wigan fan and came up with the idea.”

The arrangement has also given the Hayes headquartered group great exposure, says Cawley, with games being shown on Sky Sports.