Shell peterborough kdrb

Shell has been granted planning permission for a knockdown rebuild of its 40-year-old Fengate site at Carr Road in Peterborough.

Shell’s application to Peterborough City Council said that the site comprises an existing petrol filling station that was constructed in the 1980s, which is in need of refurbishment as it does not fully meet the needs of motorists. “The revised proposal will bring the petrol filling station up to expected standards to meet the needs and expectations of both the operator and motorists,” it stated.

The site currently has six pump islands arranged in a domino six formation with a canopy above, which links to the shop. To the west of the canopy is an HGV pump island. There are two underground tank farms. A car wash is located to the north-west of the site. There are jet wash bays and air/water and vacuum bays to the north of the site.

The knockdown rebuild will result in the erection of a new shop, forecourt (domestic and HGV) including underground fuel tanks, pumps and canopies, provision of car parking and an EV charging hub.

The new forecourt will be located in a similar position to the existing one, in the centre of the site. Four new pump islands are proposed in a four-square arrangement, providing refuelling facilities for eight vehicles at any one time. A new canopy will go over this. Refuelling facilities for HGVs are proposed to the east of the site.

An EV charging hub, providing fast recharging facilities for seven EVs, together with associated infrastructure (including substation, GRP cabinet and EV equipment) will be located to the west of the site. The EV charging spaces are in two separate areas (comprising three chargepoints and four chargepoints) and a canopy would be installed over the spaces adjacent to the site’s western boundary.

New fuel infrastructure is proposed to bring the site up to current standards.

A new single-storey shop will be located to the north of the site. This will include customer toilets (including an accessible toilet) and an ATM. Amazon lockers will be located at the front of the store.

Designated car parking spaces are planned for the front of the shop including six standard spaces, one disabled car parking bay (which will be in close proximity to the shop entrance for ease of access) and one air/water bay. There will also be cycle parking.

Shell says the knockdown rebuild will bring significant enhancement to an existing petrol filling station, ideally positioned to serve motorists on the local road network. In addition, the new improved shop would have further benefits for local residents, providing an enhanced offer for top-up shopping trips in an accessible location.