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    Reducing the risks


    There are two main drivers for maintenance on a forecourt. One is reactive, where something technical breaks down, such as a pump or a car wash, and calling out someone to fix it is the natural solution. But the other type of maintenance, preventative, is if anything more important, and ...

  • TLM Technologies unveils structure for expansion

    TLM Technologies unveils structure for expansion


    TLM Technologies has unveiled a new company structure intended to take the company forward towards global expansion. TLM CEO Lee Papper said: “In a market where rapid technological changes require increasing flexibility, it is crucial that our executive team have a broad knowledge base that covers all aspects of ...

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    REDS Group sets up to look after fuel storage


    A new company has been set up in the downstream fuel industry to provide spill response, environmental and decommissioning services across the UK. REDS Group aims to deliver complete solutions for the maintenance, inspection and environmental management of fuel storage facilities, with expertise ranging from emergency spill response and ...

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    Protect your assets


    We live in uncertain times what with Brexit, unstable global affairs and snap UK elections, all creating market situations that may inspire businesses to err on the side of caution. According to Allan Scrafton, head of marketing for forecourt and asset resilience experts, Adler Allan, maintaining what you ...

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    Xmo Strata mounts health drive for employees


    Sign company Xmo Strata – which specialises in forecourts – has mounted a major health drive among its employees. The sign installation and maintenance firm brought work to a standstill for one day while more than 50 employees from across the UK attended a health and safety day near ...

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    Third party cover


    The demands on forecourt owners and managers are increasing all the time. They need to ensure that fuel and the equipment dispensing it is in tip-top condition. There are increasing numbers of c-stores that need to be fully stocked and have all their facilities clean and tidy, not to mention ...

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    Spending to save


    As the techology on forecourts becomes ever-more complex, and the number of products and services they offer continues to increase, ensuring that everything is operating at peak efficiency, or even working at all, is a growing challenge. Preventative maintenance is the common-sense solution, and regular visits from engineers will keep ...

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    Spend & save


    There are many valid reasons why regular maintenance of sites and their equipment is a vitally important part of running a forecourt. They include cost savings, efficiency, health and safety and other regulatory red tape, but the least tangible and yet arguably the most important is the customer experience. If ...

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    Keeping up with upkeep


    Eddie Bright, director at Top 50 Indie Brobot, puts the case for regular forecourt maintenance across in a way everyone can understand: "Nobody would be happy if they went into their local pub and found that there was no beer because the pumps were out of order. The same is ...

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    Forecourt maintenance: Enduring image


    They say you should never judge a book by its cover but most people are still swayed by first impressions. When choosing a restaurant in an unfamiliar high street, for example, the outlet sporting a clean and bright exterior with smart and tidy furnishings inside is likely to win far ...

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    First impressions


    When businesses are trading in a difficult economic climate, it’s tempting to cut costs wherever possible, but scrimping on the maintenance of your forecourt could prove to be a false economy. Not only will a site start to look tired if basic maintenance isn’t carried out, your business could also ...

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    Going green


    The future of forecourt maintenance is green. That’s the opinion of Steve Martin, managing director at Xmo Strata, who says fuel retailers are increasingly using their maintenance budget to try to reduce their carbon footprint. This trend can involve anything from fitting energy-saving lights on the forecourt to simply putting ...

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    Better safe than sorry


    The credit crunch means everybody’s cutting costs - poring over their accounts to see where savings can be made. Maintenance and service contracts could jump out as areas where money could be saved, however saving a few hundred pounds on a contract could cost you far more if something goes ...

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    Making a good impression


    When it comes to forecourts, first impressions are everything. If a motorist approaches your site and it looks shabby, they’re likely to drive on to the next one. So forecourt maintenance should be top of the list for retailers in today’s highly competitive market. That’s according to Steve Martin, managing ...

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    Smartly does it


    As margins on fuel are driven further down, and the forecourt sector becomes increasingly competitive, operators are always looking for ways to cut costs - and maintenance is often the first casualty. "The multiple grocers spend a lot of time making sure their image is right and that sites are ...

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    Keeping up appearances


    First impressions count in most walks of life and in the forecourt business it’s no different. A regular wash and brush-up and a regular lick of paint are basic, but essential, maintenance tasks, which will reassure passing motorists that you are a well-run business worth stopping for. Kevin Phippen, ...

  • Competitive edge

    Competitive edge


    Most motorists wouldn’t go a year without a service on their car, but many retailers are failing to show the same care and consideration for their business. Instead of protecting their investment and committing to preventative maintenance of vital equipment, retailers – particularly independents – are waiting until something goes ...

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    Lasting impression


    Although keeping your site in full working order has to be at the top of your list of priorities, important maintenance is being neglected by many retailers, according to equipment and maintenance companies. Steve Watts, sales director at Gilbarco Veeder-Root, says: “There is a lack of proactive and preventative maintenance ...

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    Site smart


    Maintenance is a crucial, but often neglected, part of running a forecourt site. Maintaining the equipment on your site can seem like a tedious chore and it is difficult to quantify the effect that it has on your business, but ignoring day-to-day maintenance can have long-term damaging effects. PUMPS The ...