TLM Technologies has unveiled a new company structure intended to take the company forward towards global expansion.

TLM CEO Lee Papper said: “In a market where rapid technological changes require increasing flexibility, it is crucial that our executive team have a broad knowledge base that covers all aspects of our industry, customers and solutions. This has always been an important part of managing our business for long-term success.

“Over the past year we have made huge progress as a company, establishing ourselves as the market leader in technology innovation in our market, but to maintain our momentum we must make sure we have the correct organisational structure in place to strengthen our offering and relationships with our customers and partners around the world.”

TLM has expanded rapidly over the past 12 months, with several high-profile appointments as well as expansion of its product and service offering, including the development of its Evolution product suite.

From EPOS and back office to head office and data analysis, the Evolution product suite is designed to offer an end-to-end system of flexible, intelligent solutions for convenience and fuel retailing. The new company structure is designed to support, sustain and develop future growth, both of the group and the Evolution product suite.

Heading up the group, which incorporates TLM Technologies and its subsidiary Ocean Dynamics, is CEO Lee Papper and chairman Ron Haacke, who between them have over seven decades of experience in the convenience and fuel sector.

The board of directors consists of non-executive directors Jonathan James, John Lynn and industry influencer Patrick Gore, alongside group finance director Taylor Purkis, group operations director Bob Laidlaw, group sales director Paul Muncey, and chief technology officer Adrian Felton.

Bob Laidlaw has extensive knowledge of the convenience and fuel industry as well as in-depth experience supporting technology in this sector, and Paul Muncey has wide industry experience having recently joined from Certas Energy. Adrian Felton joined the group from Oracle and will be driving the development of the Evolution product suite.

“With these changes,” explained Papper, “we now have the right people in the right places and a board of directors that all our customers, partners and contemporaries know and respect. We have already established ourselves as a leader in the UK market, and having recently completed major projects in South-East Asia and Europe, and formed successful relationships with partners in the United States, we are ready to take the next step towards global expansion.”