Ten independent operators have signed up with Harvest Energy, strengthening its brand presence across the UK. The new sites which are currently, or soon to be, displaying the distinctive white, blue and green Harvest Energy livery are, (from north to south):

· Snippersgate Service Station, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear (under re image);

· Stockton Road Service Station, County Durham (re image in July);

· Woodham Service Station, County Durham (complete);

· Kirkburn Filling Station, East Yorkshire (complete);

· Denaby Service Station, South Yorkshire (complete);

.  Alconbury Truck stop, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire (re image in July);

· Alconbury Service Station, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire (re image in July);

· Yarl Petroleum (Bishops) Services, Hatfield, Hertfordshire (re image in July);

· Mill Hill Garage of Edenbridge, Kent, (complete);

· Steeles of Worthing, West Sussex, (pictured).

Alan Steele of Steeles of Worthing in West Sussex said: “We were very pleased with the way the changeover from Texaco to Harvest Energy was handled and a couple of months in, we are still pleased we made the change. I was initially cautious about changing to an ’unknown’ brand but any fears have proved completely unfounded. Our customers have all been complimentary, our margins have improved and our sales have increased significantly.”

Darren Wilks, managing director of the Kirkburn Filling Station – formerly a Shell site – said: “We are the first site in East Yorkshire to switch to Harvest Energy. The brand has a distinctive identity and we are confident we can maintain a position where we can offer value for money to our customers.”

Simon Davis, Harvest Energy’s head of sales and logistics, welcomed the new sites to the Harvest Energy fold and added: “Our sales team are making a big impression with independent retailers as they explain the Harvest Energy package. In addition to these 10 sites, we have several others at locations across Britain set to switch to Harvest Energy over the coming months.”

Davis said independent forecourts supplied by Harvest Energy benefit from a comprehensive support package which includes guaranteed supply, competitive fuel pricing, a credit card scheme, pump maintenance and wet stock control as well as a comprehensive branding package based around the white, blue and green Harvest Energy butterfly livery.