LPG fuel provider Autogas is upping its lobbying and stakeholder communications as it strives to persuade the UK government to commit to offering long-term incentives to eco-friendly fuel users.

The action comes after it was announced that the London congestion charge exemption for alternative fuel vehicles – including those converted to LPG – will end on December 24 this year.

Jem Aldridge, general manager of Autogas, believes this will discourage consumers and industry from investing in greener fuels: “The government needs to provide greater certainty over the future of LPG fuel duty to encourage investment decisions that benefit both the UK economy and the environment.

“Alternative fuels like LPG Autogas have a key role to play in meeting the UK’s climate change commitments and improving energy security. This announcement is detrimental to both those causes.”

LPG – the most widely available alternative fuel in the country – has presented an immediate and proven solution to low carbon and clean air driving in Europe and is worth £150m to the UK economy.

Over 160,000 UK vehicles are served by over 1,400 refuelling sites and vehicle installers due to large volume of LPG readily available.

Reflecting on LPG’s future importance, Aldridge cited the methods of the German government to encourage the use of alternative fuel: “Germany announced that the fuel duty on LPG would be fixed to 2018. The market is now growing to over 100,000 conversions per annum and vehicle manufacturers are now producing factory fitted LPG options for the market. This sort of stimulus should be happening in this country.”