Autogas has unveiled a new look for the brand at the Shell filling station at Stirling Corner in Barnet.

The site features a new range of graphics, which are intended to be a highly visual message that LPG is a cheaper, cleaner fuel and to help drivers to identify more easily the location of the LPG dispenser on site.

"LPG autogas is set to become even more popular as a growing number of drivers look for ways to permanently reduce their fuel bills," commented Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas, the joint venture between Shell and Calor.

"It’s therefore exciting that we’re showcasing our ongoing investment by launching our brand new identity at Stirling Corner, one of our largest and busiest sites in the UK."

In addition to the new site branding, Autogas has also installed a new devisser-style dispenser at the site, making refuelling easier than before.