About 80% of the biofuel sold at UK pumps fails to meet government environmental standards, according to a report by the Renewable Fuels Agency. In its first monthly report on fuels supplied under the Renewable Transport Fuels Organisation (RTFO), the government agency said just 19% of

the biofuel supplied met its green standard.

The Renewable Fuels Agency reported it was unable to say where the remaining 81% of biofuels had come from - or to prove it had been produced in a sustainable way.

Biofuel accounted for 2.1% of UK road fuel for the first month of the scheme, which began in April. This fell short of the target for the year of 2.5%.

The report also revealed that the biofuel market was dominated by imports, with most of the identified fuel coming from the US.

The Renewable Fuels Agency plans to issue monthly updates.