BP has adopted a ’Challenge 25’ policy on its company-owned sites in the Fife area of Scotland after one forecourt had its licence revoked for selling alcohol to under-18s.

Previously BP used the ’Challenge 21’ policy but now anyone wanting to purchase alcohol who looks under 25 will be asked to produce photo-style ID to prove their age.

It was BP’s St Davids site in Dalgety Bay that failed a test purchase twice and as a result had its licence revoked until March 2007.

BP had considered appealing against the decision by using a loophole in the law regarding adults procuring children to buy alcohol but a spokeswoman said: "We will not rely on the loophole but will appeal on the grounds of due diligence as we have strict procedures in place and training sessions for staff."

The company is changing its disciplinary procedures to make serving an under-age person a case for gross misconduct.