BP has dismissed claims that a credit card scam at a Surrey petrol station is linked to its Chip and PIN terminals.

Motorists have reported finding fraudulent international debits on their bank statements after paying by Chip and PIN at the site in Redhill, with at least 20 customers believed to have been affected.

Although police are still investigating the fraud, a spokesperson for BP said that contrary to local media reports it is “not a Chip and PIN issue” and the site’s terminals remain in use. “This is not related to Chip and PIN or the terminals, it’s a standard card-skimming issue,” she said. “We have given additional security advice to staff at all our company sites and to our independent dealers,” she added.

Sandra Quinn, spokeswoman for the Association of Payment Clearing Services (APACS), said that forecourts continue to be targets for fraudsters. “People now assume the fraud must be related to Chip and PIN because they have a new-style card. What’s actually happening is still the old-style fraud, where the card’s being cloned and then taken overseas and used in countries that don’t have Chip and PIN,” she explained.