An ultra-premium fuel aimed at private motorsports enthusiasts has been launched on selected BP sites. Ultimate 102 costs around £2.42 a litre and is said to be the highest octane fuel available on UK forecourts.

Launched on six trial sites in the South East, the unleaded fuel meets the same high specifications of those used in Formula One, but can also be legally used on the road. The trial will be extended to nine company-owned sites by the end of June, all located near race circuits.

BP Ultimate brand manager, Nicola Beckett, said: "This is a very different market to standard fuel products. It’s about making a very exclusive fuel available from the forecourt. At the moment motorsports enthusiasts tend to buy specialist fuels at the track, and these are not usually road legal."

The fuel has its own branded pump and, to avoid any expensive mistakes, customers have to press an extra confirmation button before they fill up. "We’re doing everything we can to make it clear to the everyday consumer that this isn’t a fuel for them," says Beckett.