BP has renewed its long-term agreement with loyalty card Nectar, and at the same time revealed a trial using data gleaned from the loyalty card to reward customers with appropriate vouchers.

BP was one of the key founder members of the Nectar loyalty scheme when it was launched by LMUK in September 2002. It has now developed a database with LMUK using information from the Nectar card which enables it to pinpoint customer activity.

If, for instance a customer comes onto the forecourt at 8am on a regular basis to buy fuel, he can be targeted on his next visit, and staff can print off a voucher for a free coffee. BP can also use the system to incentivise customers to trade up to premium fuel products such as Ultimate.

“We are the only forecourt retailer doing this and if the trial is successful we would look at rolling it out to our network,” said Chris Sedgwick, markeing director at BP Retail. “We are really trying to show customers that we are more than just fuel and that we sell quality products such as Wild Bean Café coffee and baguettes.

"A lot of our customers just come in to buy fuel and we are trying to get them to look at buying other things when they visit us and to show what a great quality offer we have at our BP Connect stores.”

On the renewal of the contract with Nectar, Sedgwick said the company had seen an 80% increase in active collectors since the start of the scheme.

“It is easy for consumers to be disloyal when buying fuel. Nectar has changed that for BP. We know Nectar drives double-digit increamental sales and gross margin to our business.”