At-the-pump TV is proving popular with customers at the first dealer site to trial a new service being piloted by BP. Screens have been up and running for a month at the BP Meteor Service Station in Alfreton, Derbyshire - part of the Hockenhull group - as part of a three-site pilot of the BPTV format, which also involves two company-owned Connect sites in Milton Keynes.

Site manager, David Dye, said: "It’s been good for business. We’ve been in the local press, so people have been coming to have a look. Customers were a bit shocked at first, because you can actually hear things as you fill up, but now they like it."

There is also a large LCD screen in-store. All the screens stream BBC national news, local traffic updates, weather reports, entertainment and safety reminder messages. They also highlight promotions.

A spokeswoman for BP said: "We worked with Peter Hockenhull because he was extremely interested in testing this new and innovative concept.

"He chose Alfreton as it is not only one of his busiest sites but one that has previously been used for, and is familiar with, testing new offers and concepts."

Chris Sedgwick, BP Retail’s global retail marketing innovation director, says the new service aims to "change a mundane functional experience into something more engaging for customers", as well as raising additional revenue through advertising. The new media channel has been developed in partnership with Hughes Networks and Storecast Media.