Good news that the Association of Convenience Stores is to establish a formal group to tackle the many threats facing forecourt car wash operators.

After all petrol retailers haven’t come through years of fighting it out with supermarkets, oil companies and never-ending red tape, to establish successful, leading-edge forecourt convenience operations – only to be undermined by a growing army of cowboy car washers.

Car washing is big business, and the cornerstone of many forecourt operations whose owners have developed their own niche market, and grown their profitability in the sector through investment and creative marketing. They can’t allow that to be so wantonly undermined.

Water shortages are another problem – but if a recognised body can show local authorities the merits of responsible car wash operators using recycled water,

fewer retailers would live in fear of drought orders.

The warm weather also came up at the ACS’ very successful Summit 07 in which – among many other stimulating presentations – the need for retailers to adjust their offer NOW to recognise consumer demand for all things green, environmentally friendly and locally sourced, became something of a theme.

Completely unrelated, but when someone as highly regarded and talented as BP boss Lord Browne falls so badly from grace, you can’t help but think – like the Daily Mirror headline – ‘Silly Old Fuel’!