Tetrosyl is giving readers the chance to win counter-top display units of its new Bug Blitz bug and tar remover wipes, Heavy Duty hand wipes and Interior Valet wipes along along with its already popular Screen Wipes.

According to Tetrosyl, the Bug Blitz wipes remove baked on bugs, tar, bird lime and tree sap from all types of car exterior paintwork and glass. The Heavy Duty hand wipes are tough on oil, grease, general dirt and food debris. Plus their anti-bacterial formulation protects against germs and limits the spread of infections.

And the specially developed Interior Valet wipes have a clever odour-eliminating formulation that removes lingering smells that can become trapped in fibres.

Each of the new wipes come in a handy glove box size packet containing 15 XL size wipes. There are four prizes available.