MPs taking action to make fuel retailers cut their pump prices? How ridiculously cheeky - and ignorant. It would also be extremely laughable (it’s not April 1st is it?) if not for the sobering thought that these nitwits have a hand in running the affairs of the country.

Don’t they realise they actually spend their days wandering around the place that has the biggest influence on the high price of fuel in the UK - tax? And that a 2ppl rise in fuel duty last autumn is to be followed shortly by another 2ppl rise in fuel duty; and possibly a further rise in 2009. And that every man and his dog is pleading with the government to abandon this strategy of hiking the tax on fuel which is seriously affecting many businesses - particularly those where transport is a fundamental part of their operation. The Road Haulage Association, for example, says the rises will cost its industry £170m.

Do these MPs actually have any understanding of how it all works? Do they seriously think petrol retailers are going to reduce their prices because perhaps, after all, they are being a bit greedy? Do they not understand the daily sweat and skill of keeping a retail business thriving faced with so much competition, not to mention red tape? Ray Holloway has arranged a meeting with them. Hopefully he’ll give them a slap. An Early Day Motion calling for a cut in MPs’ expenses - and a trip to the real world - now that might be a more useful plan!

Of course it doesn’t help when oil companies like Shell announce record profits - £13.9bn. But in this case - as many retailers have complained - with their low fuel prices it does seem like they’ve been giving some of it back...!