New figures show that cars which are exempt from London’s congestion charge are actually worth more when sold second-hand as drivers look for ways to avoid additional taxes on their motoring.

Regular drivers in the capital also have to find anything up to £2,400 per year to cover the congestion charge on top of petrol, maintenance and parking.

"It’s not surprising that people are looking for lower emission cars which are charge-exempt," said Rebecca Jest, sales director of

"Incredibly, it’s not just electric or hybrid cars that qualify for exemption from the London congestion charge. Stylish family cars such as Volvo’s C30 Drive just squeeze into the bracket, as does one of the Audi A3 range; and recent second hand sale prices have shown they’ve held their value far better than their higher emitting cousins.

"Drivers are always looking for a car that keeps its value. And low emission cars are right up there at the top of the pile.

"With more cities considering congestion charges, it really makes financial sense to own a car that’s exempt. Not only that, but low-emission vehicles come with zero road tax, and invariably far better fuel consumption figures as well. You might pay more for one of these cars, but there are massive savings in the long run, not least in the re-sale price.

"The second hand car market is dominated by buyers looking for extra value, and tax- and congestion charge-exempt cars offer just that."

Top Five Low Emission Vehicles

1. Volvo C30 Drive

2. Audi A3 1.6 TDI

3. Toyota Prius

4. Ford Fiesta Econetic

5. Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion