As the Local Government Association confirms receipt of 10,000 applications for Jubilee street parties – twice the number requested for last year’s Royal Wedding – Mars Chocolate is urging retailers to take advantage of this significant treats-based sales opportunity.

A Mars Chocolate YouGov survey shows British adults will spend £334m more on treats, food and alcohol over the Jubilee bank holiday, compared to a regular weekend.

Other Jubilee spending findings from the Mars Chocolate survey includes:

• Almost one in seven (15%) British adults anticipate spending more on confectionery over the Jubilee bank holiday compared to a regular weekend.

• More British adults say they plan to purchase additional food, drinks and snacks for celebrations during the Jubilee (25%) and the Euros (18%), than during the Olympics (14%).

• Almost one in five (18%) British adults say they are more likely to notice and purchase products labelled ‘Made in Britain’ given the British focus of the events

• Almost one in five (18%) British adults favour their local convenience stores for sweets and treat purchases for celebrations at home

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager at Mars Chocolate, said: “The weather is finally warming up and Jubilee celebrations are promising to be the first jewel in a crown of multiple British retail opportunities this summer. Savvy retailers will already have plans in place to take advantage of these collective celebratory opportunities.

“But it’s not too late to take advantage of the Jubilee weekend and the bumper number of applications for street parties and gatherings taking place across the UK. Retailers are advised to site bestselling confectionery next to the beer, wines and spirits fridge or with soft drinks or crisps to really capitalise on the occasion.”

To capitalise on this very British summer, Mars has also announced the launch of M&M’s Limited Edition Union Jack pack, containing only red, white and blue peanut M&M’s. With iconic Union Jack branded packaging, the Limited Edition packs highlight Mars’ British Heritage, as the company prepares to celebrate 80 years of manufacturing in the UK.

M&M’s Union Jack packs are now available for a limited eight week period and the numerous other British events being held this summer.

Retailers are advised to speak to a Mars field representative for more details by calling 01844 262517.