ExxonMobil is now licensed to provide Dexos2 products in the UK and Ireland, making it the first major oil supplier to secure the official Dexos licensing.

Continuing a long association with General Motors’ dealers across the UK, ExxonMobil now has two products – Mobil 1 Formula ESP 0W-40 and Mobil Super 3000 Formula G 5W-30 – which are Dexos2 licensed and fully approved to meet the specific requirements of petrol and diesel engines in GM vehicles, including Vauxhall and Chevrolet.

Dexos2 was introduced in April 2010 and is a GM-developed engine oil specification designed to deliver significant advantages to both dealers and consumers. The two products will offer GM dealers and customers all the benefits associated with Mobil oils, including a more robust formulation for added engine protection, together with enhanced peace of mind as using non-Dexos licensed oils may invalidate vehicle warranty should any damage occur to the engine.

The oils will improve fuel economy and fuel economy retention, resisting degradation between changes and maintaining optimum performance for longer. Their composition according to Dexos2 specifications means that catalyst life is prolonged while expensive emission reduction systems are protected.

Dan McGoldrick, Mobil 1 marketing manager, said: “It is a major milestone for ExxonMobil to achieve Dexos2 licensing for our products and we are extremely pleased to become the first and only major oil supplier in the UK and Ireland to receive such a status. The Dexos2 specifications will mean GM dealers can provide their customers with the approved Mobil oil that provides best protection for petrol and diesel engines in one single product.”