Forecourts and the infrastructure supporting them seem to be coping very well with the extreme cold and snow that has hit Britain, with no reports of major problems or panic buying, although some roads in Norfolk were blocked by snow and police there were advising motorists to only make journeys that were absolutely necessary.

At Alnwick in Northumberland, at Penny Petroleum, number 16 in Forecourt Trader’s Top 50 Indies, Emma Johnson reported that main roads were clear despite 5-6cm of snow.

She said there were no problems with fuel deliveries, and added: “Except for the really bad snow a couple of years ago, they always seem to get through.”

However, with daytime temperatures of -5C, frozen snow on forecourts was compacting down into solid ice and making conditions quite slippery.

In the East Midlands, Eddie Bright at Brobot Group, number 11 in the Top 50 Indies, said that they had not been affected by snow, and the weather forecasts had not triggered any panic buying.

However, with heavier snowfall predicted for the end of the week, he added: “If we do get some severe snow conditions that situation can change dramatically as everyone struggles to travel around, but I’m guessing people are just waiting to see how bad things actually get, as so often forecasters overegg conditions to cover their backs.”