RMI Petrol is urging fuel retailers to get behind The Sun’s campaign to reduce fuel tax, following confirmation that the proposed fuel duty rise on April 1, could add 4-5p to a litre of fuel.

The Sun’s ’Keep it Down’ campaign was launched as it emerged that UK motorists are forking out £12 million more a day to fill up than a year ago.

The newspaper is encouraging as many motorists as possible to sign its online petition. The campaign wants duty frozen - or for the Tories to honour a pre-Election pledge for a fuel ’stabiliser’, which would cut duty when oil prices rise and reinstate it when they go down.

Motorists are being encouraged to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. The paper claims its call on the Government has already won the backing of celebrities, industry chiefs and motoring organisations.

The petition states: "We call on the Government to honour its pre-election pledge to give motorists a break by either freezing fuel duty or bringing in a fuel stabiliser."

RMIP chairman Brian Madderson said: "We are trying to support the campaign by sending out this petition sheet to our members so that they can photocopy it and place it prominently on the cashiers counter for customers to sign. The dealer will be asked to return all completed forms as quickly as possible to the address as shown along the bottom of the page. Obviously the more returned forms the better."