Monday October 1 is ’Ban Day’ for private wheel clampers when clamping on most private land will be outlawed after a long AA campaign.

However, the AA warns that some cowboy clampers may try their hand at issuing parking tickets and this could become a problem. Drivers are also reminded that a new independent appeal system for parking charge notices (tickets) issued by British Parking Association members comes into being – again something the AA has campaigned for ever since private enforcement firms started issuing large numbers of private parking tickets – now estimated at up to three million per annum.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Good riddance to the cowboy clampers who have brought misery to millions of drivers over the years through their underhand tactics and profiteering. Many were modern day highway men who extorted money from the vulnerable who were often enticed into parking on private land while the clampers lay in wait – an immoral practice in the 21st century.

“We continue to urge drivers to take care when parking in private car parks. They remain unregulated but drivers can now turn to the independent appeal service in many cases if there is a dispute. However with the changes also comes greater opportunity for these private parking firms to chase the registered keeper of vehicles if private tickets remain unpaid. We have some concerns about the new parking ticket regime and the likely success of the appeal service but we hope it will be better than the anarchy that went on before."