Drivers are being offered a free environmental health check on their cars as part of BP’s ‘targetneutral’ scheme.

The Green Light check for petrol cars is available at 250 Kwik-Fit MOT centres nationwide until March 3rd and aims to help drivers reduce emissions through a quick four-point check on exhaust emissions, emission control systems, tyre pressure and battery levels.

Sheila Williams, spokesperson for targetneutral, said the health-check scheme was a UK first: “It gives motorists easy access to practical environmental advice and helps them understand how small adjustments to their cars can have a big impact on reducing their carbon emissions,” she said.

Targetneutral is a voluntary non-profit-making partnership initiative set up by BP. Motorists are also encouraged to use a free online calculator to work out their carbon emissions and then pay into a fund that supports a number of independent carbon-reducing projects.