Greenergy Fuels Ltd has revealed plans to build new fuel tankage and

distribution facilities in Cardiff. The company said the move marked the next step in its UK expansion strategy, following its recent acquisition and refurbishment of the Mayflower Terminal in Plymouth and extensive investment in new fuel storage and blending facilities at Seals Sands in Teesside. In addition, the addition of a terminal in South Wales would also see the integration of rail haulage into Greenergy’s distribution network, with fuel being moved between Cardiff and other UK coastal terminals by rail rather than road or ship.

More extensive use of rail distribution to include various inland terminals across the UK is also planned.

According to the company, the Cardiff terminal is being developed in a long-term partnership between Greenergy and Inver, an established tank storage operator. The project, due for completion in autumn 2011, will involve both the construction of new tankage as well as refurbishment of existing tanks. New rail loading facilities will also be created at the site.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy chief executive, said: "The Cardiff terminal will strengthen our fuel distribution capability in an under-supplied part of the UK, where tankage and infrastructure are insufficient to meet the demand for fuel in the area. Operating in Cardiff will also give us valuable experience in rail distribution, which we expect to utilise in other areas in the UK."

With the addition of Teesside, Plymouth and Cardiff to the Greenergy network, Greenergy said it had now completed its expansion into target British coastal locations. It is now looking to establish a position at further inland locations, completing a comprehensive UK tankage and distribution network to meet the needs of its growing customer base.