A new super fuel, Super Unleaded 99 Octane, will be available in 100 Tesco forecourts across London and the South East by mid-November.

The fuel is supplied by independent fuel company Greenergy, which claims the unleaded fuel will have the highest octane of any fuel available on UK forecourts. It also claims that it is more environmentally friendly and contains a special additive package to enhance engine cleaning, delivering further long-term benefits.

The fuel is typically blended with 5% bio-ethanol, a renewable product which gives lower emissions of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

Andrew Owens, chairman of Greenergy Fuels, said: “Bioethanol is becoming a central component in today’s fuels. We’re now using the product not just for environmental reasons, but also to help raise the octane rating of our performance fuels.”

Peter Cattell, Tesco’s petrol category manager, said: “Customers with new and/or high-performing cars in our trial sites have noted a significant improvement in performance.”

Meanwhile the fuel made its first race appearance in the Wales GB Rally in a Subaru Impreza driven by Nigel Griffiths.