A new prime minister, a new cabinet - will there be anything positive to come out of it for petrol retailers? Doubtful, seems to be the general thrust of opinion. And, as if to confirm that some things never change, almost within hours, certain supermarkets were taking the lead in announcing fuel price cuts. Oh no, comes the collective groan from the industry. Here we go again.

What’s amazing about the Asda stance is that with average fuel prices across the country at 96/97ppl, these sites will already be undercutting the general market by about 3ppl, with the opportunity for customers with store cards to claim a further 2ppl off. Those sites in close proximity to an Asda will have the usual explaining to do. Meanwhile customers in Tesco have to spend £50 before claiming their 5ppl off. This is how the supermarkets boost their summer trade when school’s out and families vacate their normal habitat for the holidays. The crazy thing would be for everyone else to try and follow suit - though it’s tough when the differential is quite so great. And there’s only a certain amount having a modern store full of colourful groceries and posh coffee can compensate for.

However, there is the public smoking ban, which everyone tells us is going to be good news for forecourts - especially those on a pub crawl route.

Top tip for this month: look smart - the Forecourt Trader Awards’ judges will be out and about!