HKS celebrations Congratulations to Shane Thakrar, business development manager of Top 50 Indie HKS, on his marriage to the beautiful Risha last month. The happy occasion was celebrated in great style with around 500 family members and friends in a giant marquee at the Thakrars’ new home in Leicester.

Free fuel chaos Police had to stop a forecourt pumping out free fuel to motorists after it created traffic chaos. Hundreds of drivers queued to get their hands on £20-worth of free fuel at the Jet site in Chipping Norton. The offer was part of Goodyear’s launch campaign to promote its environmentally-friendly EfficientGrip tyres. The company teamed up with five forecourts across England to give motorists a free £20 top-up of fuel.

Popats’ revamped site Independent retailers Ken and Rekha Popat have unveiled their newly-refurbished forecourt on the A13 in Barking. Offically opened by Margaret Hodge MP, it is the first forecourt within the M25 to feature Texaco’s new imagery, and the first on the A13 to sell Autogas LPG.

Famous helping hand Oliver Plaskitt looked to his famous dad Peter for the renovation of his Gulf-branded North Road Garage in Shipton-by-Beningbrough. Peter, a prominent face on BBC design shows including ’Home Front’, has been integral in making the formerly run-down garage one of the focal points of the north Yorkshire community.