Keith Jewers has returned to the Gulf brand which he left when Chevron sold its UK interests in the mid-90s. He has been appointed director of Gulf Retail, which has signed 150 dealers in the three years since the brand returned to the UK.

In the intervening years Jewers has worked with TotalFinaElf and Samuel Cooke, but is glad to be back with Gulf. He initially joined Gulf Oil GB in 1988, and was involved in the re-branding exercise that changed the dingy brown and orange colours to the bright signage still used today.

“In the early ‘90s we were able to earn Gulf a reputation for exceptional support for our dealers, in areas such as staff training, forecourt promotions and shop merchandising,” said Jewers. “Everyone involved clearly understood and respected what Gulf stood for – it meant we stood out from the competition. I believe we had the best overall package, and that’s what I want to achieve for Gulf today.”

Jewers said he had two jobs to do: “Firstly we need to continue to grow the business, supplying more independent dealers and improving sales of all

products at existing sites. Secondly, we have to add ‘depth’ to the brand, so that it is clear that joining Gulf brings much more than a coat of paint.”

Jewers said the independent dealer faced a changing world and Gulf would be an important part of it. “We’re in a strong position to take the business forward. We have a determined and talented team of people.”