Tropicana has refreshed its on-the-go offering with the launch of three new flavours to spearhead growth in the impulse channel and drive retailer profits. The latest additions to the single-serve range are: orange & mango; mango, peach & papaya; and passionfruit, pear & apple. Brand owner PepsiCo expects them to further grow Tropicana’s impulse market share, replicating the success of Tropicana original and Tropicana smooth.

The company says that 50% of chilled juice is consumed outside of breakfast time so it’s important for retailers to offer their customers a broad range of flavours in addition to orange. Tropicana’s new single serve offerings should provide retailers with increased sales opportunities throughout the day.

To celebrate, PepsiCo is offering five retailers the chance to get their hands on two cases of each new variant.