English speciality toffee maker Walkers Nonsuch is shouting about the success of its liquorice toffee bars and twistwrap toffees.

"It is unbelievable how the liquorice toffees are becoming our best seller in the twistwrap range," says Emma Walker.

"Not only is the taste simply addictive, but the wrapper is very eye-catching too."

The wrapper is distinctive with black and white chequered fins and a touch of red. Walkers Nonsuch says this striking combination of colours is perfect for any bag display.

The company uses real liquorice extract from liquorice root.

It makes the toffees from a unique recipe created over 100 years ago utilising full-cream milk, brown sugar and butter. No artificial colours, preservatives, or hydro-genated vegetable oils are used.

Five retailers will each win a case of Liquorice Toffees. Each case contains 48 x 150g bags, which have a rrp of 99p per bag.

Further product information is available at [http://www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk] or by calling 01782 321525.