Pace Petroleum has launched a new site loyalty scheme for its dealer network. Known simply as the Pace Loyalty Card, the scheme replaces Q8GO, which has been closed down following the sale of the company by Kuwait Petroleum in October 2004.

Pace has linked up with loyalty card specialist Key Points to produce a points collector scheme which is tailor-made for dealers. Using the latest chip-card technology, customers can earn and redeem points on any forecourt spend or alternatively redeem points against a large choice of High Street gift vouchers.

According to Ian Rose, Pace’s marketing manager, the simplicity of the mechanic will play a major part in the scheme’s success. “Our research shows that both customers and dealers want a loyalty card that is easy to understand and simple to operate,” he said.

“The Pace Loyalty Card promotes loyalty to the dealer’s forecourt – not to a wider network – and as a result the scheme can be kept simple, cost-effective and have a wide appeal to the dealer’s customer base.”

Tony Scott, sales director of Key Points, said the scheme is ideal for Pace’s dealer profile. “The appeal of the scheme to the Pace dealer is that the cost is linked solely to its level of success – the dealer only pays for the points he issues.

The Pace Loyalty Card is available to all Pace-supplied dealers, including those still displaying the Q8 brand.