MFG’s acquisition of MRH has now cleared all its regulatory hurdles after the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced it would accept undertakings by MFG to dispose of 38 sites.

Last month the CMA revealed the 38 sites MFG had offered to sell to avoid a detailed investigation into its takeover of MFG.

They were published in a notice from the CMA which detailed for the first time the undertakings MFG has offered to remedy its concerns.

The CMA revealed the local areas where it believed competition could be affected because of “overlaps” between MFG and MRH sites, and it listed the sites MFG is willing to sell (see table below).

MFG will be expected to either sell the freehold of the sites, or subject to the CMA’s approval and with further competition safeguards, it may lease them.

In its assessment of the undertakings by MFG, the CMA also revealed that MFG had provided evidence that there were several potential suitable purchasers for all the sites.


Area                                                                        Divestment Site(s)

MFG Ashford/MFG East Stour/MRH                     MFG Ashford

Beaver/MRH Hothfield

MFG Barnet/MFG New Barnet/MFG                    MFG Barnet and MRH Cockfosters

Potters Bar/MRH Whetstone/MRH

Cockfosters/MRH Southgate

MFG Bawbee/MRH Leven                                    MFG Bawbee

MFG Bear Cross/MFG Hamworthy/MFG            MFG Bear Cross and MRH Longfleet

Bournmouth Road/MRH Wallisdown/MRH

Oakdale/MRH East Howe/MRH Longfleet

MFG Beaumont/MRH Kings Norton                    MFG Beaumont

MFH Brighton Road/MRH Whitgift/MRH          MFG Brighton Road

Hayling Down

MFG Calne/MRH Pippin                                      MFG Calne

MFG Canvey Island/MFG Kents Hill/MRH        MFG Canvey Island and MRH Manor

Canvey Island/MRH Long Road/

MRH Manor

MFG Carlton Square/MFG                                  MRH East Lane and MFG Sportsman

Sportsman/MRH East Lane/MRH


MFG Fairfield/MRH Newbridge                        MFG Fairfield

MFG Finsbury Park/MFG Stamford                  MFG Finsbury Park and MRH Stamford Hill

Hill/MFG Ambassador/MRH Hornsey

Road/MRH Hornsey Rise/MRH Stamford


MFG Hanwell/MRH Studley Grange/MRH        MFG Hanwell


MFG Hastings/MFG Bexhill/MRH Glyne           MFG Bexhill and MFG Hastings

Gap/MRH Sidley

MFG Kenilworth/MRH Warwick Road               MRH Warwick Road

MFG Killay/MRH Dunvant                                  MFG Killay

MFG Lymm/ MRH Cheshireways                       MRH Cheshireways

MFG Mid-Cornwall/MRH Cornish                     MFG Mid-Cornwall


MFG New John Street/MRH Key Hill                MRH Key Hill

MFG Northwick/MFG St Stephens/MRH             MRH Castle and MRH Blackpole

Castle/MRH Blackpole

MFG Pwllmeyric/MFG Almondsbury/MRH      MFG Pwllmeyric

Chepstow/MRH Patchway

MFG Riviera/MRH Riviera                                 MRH Riviera

MFG Sparkford/MFG Fosse Way                        MFG Sparkford

Garage/MRH Hazelgrove/MRH

Podimore/MRH Lydford

MFG Styal Road/MRH Civic Centre                  MFG Styal Road

MFG Swallow/MRH Felling/MRH                   MRH Felling and MRH Gateshead


MRH Runnymede/MFG Egham                         MFG Egham

MFG Walton House/MFG Parkhurst/MRH         MFG Walton House and MRH Moleside

Moleside/MRH Palace/MRH Shepperton

MFG Thamesmead/MRH Lakedale                       MRH Lakedale

MFG Grays/MRH Chafford/MRH                        MFG Grays


MFG Romford/MRH                                             MFG Romford

Collier Row