Motoring organisations have welcomed a comment by the Prime Minister suggesting the coalition government could scrap any further fuel duty increases for the length of the current parliament.

Media reports quote David Cameron, who was out on local election campaigning, as saying he wishes to keep going with moves to block rises in duty on fuel.

The Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying: “We have cancelled and delayed almost all of these fuel duty increases. We even cut fuel duty on one occasion. We will keep going to try and keep those fuel duty increases off, recognising that it is the really big bills that people really care about and want help with.”

However, he added that this policy would depend on the wholesale price of oil remaining at its current high.

Quentin Willson, FairFuelUK campaigner, said: “Such a clear statement from the Prime Minister on the seriousness of Fuel Duty to the UK economy shows that our campaign has reached inside Number 10.

“The prospect of no further fuel duty rises until 2015 would be a very solid victory for public protest. It looks like our campaign is working and we will be pressing for confirmation of the Government’s position.”