A new name has come on the petrol-retailing scene giving white-pole retailers the opportunity to trade with a national brand that isn’t restricted to an oil company contract.

The C21 brand and forecourt package leaves retailers free to buy fuel from whichever source they choose, and with full control over pricing.

A spokesman for C21 Forecourt Services said: “We recognise that although there is always a need for a strong brand and forecourt deal, many independent dealers would welcome the flexibility to maintain and build their own business without the potential restrictions of a long-term solus supply agreement. We rely on a solid background of experience working in the retail dealer market and good old common sense to ensure that we really do understand your business.”

C21 Forecourt Services Ltd is working in association with Futura Petroleum, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Ocean Associates plc, one of the largest independent, non-refiner manufacturers of road fuels in Europe. With 80% distribution coverage in the UK, Futura can “give you wholesale prices, direct to your forecourt, without the usual corporate on-costs”.

The cost of the C21 package is a “low-cost” annual licence fee for the use of the brand image, and annual renewal of the licence is said to allow you to retain the use of the branded image for as long as the retailer wishes at the same cost year on year.

Retailers can purchase the most affordable level of site branding package required, under finance over an agreed period. Alternatively, it may be possible to fund the branding in exchange for a non-solus supply agreement, based on an agreed volume and pence per litre surcharge.

The C21 Fuel Supplier Sourcing Scheme can help retailers source their nearest suppliers and provide them with the best available prices – along with weekly Platts prices for comparison.

C21 is also working with Hawes Signs to use the latest LED lighting systems on the polesign and canopy logos.