Cash-strapped local motorists and visiting holidaymakers have the choice of beating the recent record fuel prices and benefit from more affordable motoring following the arrival of a new LPG refuelling site from Autogas on the outskirts of Exeter.

The installation of the new facility has seen a £100,000 investment at the Shell Kennford site on the busy A38. To mark its launch, the new service was officially switched on by Central Devon MP Mel Stride today (June 1).

Motorists who have converted their vehicles to use LPG were quick to enjoy the savings by paying around half the price to fill up their tanks compared with petrol or diesel drivers.

Mel Stride MP said: “It’s great news to welcome Autogas to the area as this fuel offers many benefits to drivers. Not only are the running costs lower for cars driving on LPG, the vehicles are also much less harmful to the environment.”

The key location on the A38, just after the end of the M5 and on one of the busiest tourist routes to the south west and many popular holiday hot spots, was earmarked particularly because of its prime location. Business in the new fuel is expected to be brisk with the summer holiday season fast approaching.

“LPG from Autogas really is one of the cheapest car fuels available and is a viable and convenient alternative to petrol and diesel, or indeed electric vehicles which can have a limited range,” said Paul Oxford, Business Development Manager, Autogas.

“Indeed, one of the main advantages Autogas drivers enjoy is paying less at the pump, which frees up valuable cash which can be spent on much more enjoyable items or days out, which in turn may also benefit the local economy.”

However, he said what really put the low price in context was a quick cost-saving analysis. A motorist travelling the entire 292 mile length of the A38 from Bodmin to Mansfield would save almost £20 if driving on LPG  compared with that of unleaded petrol.

“While we expect demand for Autogas to be extremely strong from passing tourists it’s also likely to prove popular with local businesses such as taxi firms and delivery drivers who can benefit from reduced running costs,” added Oxford.

There are currently more than 1,400 LPG refuelling stations in the UK.