BP AND TEXACO charge the most for a litre of unleaded fuel in the UK, while Asda is the cheapest, according to the TNS Petrol Panel, which continuously tracks and analyses the UK forecourt market.Shell is the lowest priced major and its average retail price means it was cheaper than all supermarkets except Asda. The average gap between Asda and BP and Texaco was around 3ppl, and Sainsbury’s and Tesco saw the smallest movement in price levels with the smallest variance between their minimum and maximum price

across the 64-week monitored period.

THE BRITISH OIL SECURITY SYNDICATE is taking the lead in the fight against forecourt crime with two crime reduction seminars next month. The first is being held in Birmingham on November 10, while the second will be the

following day in Glasgow. The one-day seminars will look at practical steps retailers can take to minimise the risk of drive-offs, and guest speakers will also offer advice on robbery prevention, credit card fraud, and staff and customer safety.To reserve a place telephone 01926 864757.

THE JET BRAND reached the dizzy heights of Mount Kilimanjaro this summer as retail director Patrick Hudson, Jet dealer Mike Garner, and Jet’s shop consultant Mike Green raised the Jet flag at top of the highest mountain in Africa. The trio’s expedition raised in excess of £3,500 for a charity in Zambia that aims to rebuild the lives of Aids orphans and street kids living in extreme poverty with no family or social security to protect them.