The results of this month’s online poll make interesting reading, for while it’s encouraging to know that more than half (56%) of the retailers who voted did have an effective plan, there were almost just as great a number out there (44%) who may not be properly prepared should another fuel crisis hit.

Though September’s threatened fuel blocade was shunned by all but the most die-hard protestors, that didn’t stop the public rushing to the pumps and very quickly creating a mini-crisis of their own making. As PRA director Ray Holloway said: “The speed of the thing was awesome in the way it developed. What took four days in 2000 took only half a day this time. I think what I learned from this is that we haven’t got four or five days’ reaction time if it happens again. We’ve probably got half a day.”

With this in mind retailers really need to think ahead and have some kind of action plan that all site staff are aware of. The DTI website is a place to start, visit

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