New Grasshopper Porridge is a delicious organic instant porridge in a one-portion pot.

The porridge is natural, organic and convenient, and Grasshopper says it is an ideal product for travel on the road. You just add boiling water to the pot, stir, replace the lid and wait for five minutes.

There is no need for a pan, microwave or fresh milk to make it - just hot water and a spoon. Current flavours are cinnamon & raisin, coconut & date, and chocolate.

Sisters Fleur and Abigail Emery founded Grasshopper as a result of their on-the-go lifestyle - they made pots of instant porridge to take to the beach to eat after surfing. Three years ago they sold their porridge from the back of a VW van and now the range that they developed is being sold nationwide. Rrp £1.99.

There are five prizes of 30 tubs of Grasshopper.