Wholesaler Palmer and Harvey, says its pocket-sized barcode scanner launched last December 2011 to make its online ordering offer even easier for independent retailers, has proved very popoular with more than 3,400 customers now using it.

Richard Hayhoe, marketing director at Palmer and Harvey, said:‘The barcode scanner has gone down a storm, particularly with customers who might not have EPOS data and relied on brochures. We’ve heard that some customers used to spend up to seven hours a week going through brochures and placing their orders. Now many retailers are saying they’re completing their ordering in around 10 minutes.  

"This is a quick and easy way to replenish stock, freeing up valuable time for retailers to spend in their stores. Because it’s so easy to stock up, retailers are ordering more, we’re seeing online customers spending 29% than offline customers. Online customers have been especially keen to take advantage of promotions. ”
The device can be used to scan the barcodes of products that need reordering, and stores up to 1500 barcodes at any one time."

Product barcodes can be uploaded by plugging the scanner into a computer, via a USB cable provided with the scanner. Product information then appears on screen, including images and price deals. Using the Palmer and Harvey website, the respective products can then be ordered, or saved for future ordering.

Retailers can register for the barcode scanner at www.palmerharvey.co.uk.