BP will continue to accept Arval fuel cards at its petrol stations. The oil company had previously stated it was terminating its contract with Arval at the end of next month due to escalating costs. It had told dealers they were free to continue accepting Arval business but would have to foot the bill themselves and deal with Arval directly.

Following pressure from retailers, BP and Arval agreed to negotiate – and today BP made the following announcement:

"BP is pleased to advise that following further discussions with Arval both companies have come to a mutually agreeable position to continue acceptance of Arval fuel cards.

"This outcome reflects a commitment on the part of Arval and BP to continue in the commercial business relationship established over the last 30 years, whilst reflecting the present trading conditions."

Peter Molloy, BP’s UK fuel operations manager, said: “We are delighted that we have reached a position where we can continue the long and successful partnership with Arval. We hope this outcome will minimise the inconvenience to both customers and dealers."

BP added that, as a result of the move, it was "confident about working with Arval to restore normalcy to dealers, Arval customers and BP Supercharge customers alike". He said the move assured the continued acceptance of Arval fuel cards and Supercharge cards on the BP network.

Arval issued the following statement: "Following commercial discussions between Arval and BP, regarding the continued acceptance of Arval fuel cards at BP branded sites, an agreement has been reached which provides a positive outcome for all involved. The agreement covers Arval fuel card acceptance and the continuation of the BP Supercharge product."

Danny Clenaghan, Arval’s card development director, said: "We are delighted that agreement has been reached which we believe represents the best outcome for customers, dealers and both organisations. We both acknowledge the value and strength of each other’s brands and the positive impact our partnership generates for all involved. Arval looks forward to working with BP."