BOSS has introduced Payment Watch to help UK fuel retailers recover losses incurred by ’no means of payment’ incidents.

During trials, Payment Watch has enabled retailers to recoup an average of 80% of financial losses resulting from drivers filling up, claiming to be unable to pay, and then failing to return to settle up.

A co-ordinated system will give motorists the chance to settle up on site or over the phone within seven days before specialist debt recovery agents take over pursuit of the money. If successfully recovered, the full amount is returned to the retailer.

David Charman, who runs BP-branded Parkfoot Garage in West Malling, Kent, said: "BOSS has come up with a really excellent system for controlling and managing our non-payments. The documentation is professionally prepared and easy to use.

"This alone tends to make people realise they cannot get away with their intention not to pay and there are many occasions where we get payment very quickly without the need to take matters further."

A BOSS Payment Watch starter pack contains everything needed to manage a scheme. It costs £99 plus VAT per site for BOSS members.

The scheme is open to all fuel retailers, with BOSS associate membership available for a small annual fee. Log on to for more information.