ATM provider PayPoint, which operates over 2,500 ATMs nationwide, has identified significant differences in the way customers in Scotland use a cash machine.

Speaking at the Scottish Grocers Federation Conference today, Darren Tredgett, head of retail sales at PayPoint UK, said that the average cash withdrawal in Scotland is 91% of the UK average and, for rural ATMs, the equivalent figure is just 71% of the UK average. Compared with other UK regions, Scottish users of ATMs perform the second highest number of balance enquiries to cash withdrawals.

The average cash withdrawal in Scotland is also affected by whether the consumer has to pay for the transaction.  Scottish customers withdraw 37% more cash where they have to pay for a transaction (£49.51 for a surcharge ATM, £36.12 when it is a free withdrawal). Tredgett also noted that Scotland has one of the highest proportions of free-to-use to surcharge ATM networks.

He said: “In common with the rest of the UK, our retail partners in Scotland are discovering the benefits of deploying an in-store ATM, with the associated increase in footfall and consumer spend. We are also witnessing some differences in consumer behaviour in Scotland that indicate heightened financial awareness and emphasis on cash management.”

Tredgett added that there remain opportunities for expansion of the ATM market in Scotland. “Only 12% of our Scottish ATMs are currently in rural locations and retailers in Scottish rural areas earn 12.5% more per cash withdrawal than Scottish urban retailers.”